Jyorei is a healing art that by focusing spiritual light gradually penetrates and dissolves the spiritual clouds that cause physical, emotional, and personal dilemmas. “Jyorei” means “Purification of the spirit.” Meishusama developed this healing practice as a treatment for physical infirmities during the 1930s. Jyorei’s healing technique, as practiced by Shumei members, took its final form in 1947 a few years before Meishusama’s passing.

Jyorei is a shared act, usually involving two people, one who gives and one who receives. Besides profound healing, the person receiving Jyorei may experience a sensation of tranquility and wellbeing. The nature of Jyorei is such that its blessings are even greater for the giver. Not only does the giver benefit by Jyorei but he or she also gains a larger capacity for compassion and love for others and Jyorei’s many blessings extend not only to the giver but to all whom he or she shares spiritual cords.

The beauty of Jyorei is that it is not reserved for members of a spiritual or religious elite but can be practiced by all who are affiliated with Shinji Shumeikai and have an Ohikari. It can be given any place and to anyone.

Jyorei is one of three of the most important activities in which Shumei is involved. The other two are Natural Agriculture and fostering an appreciation of Art. Together, these three pursuits reflect Shumei’s commitment to spiritual and physical healing, a healthy environment, and beauty.




Blessed by God through the
Work of Meishusama

Carole Buchanan

East Meets West at the Confluence
Carol Buchanan (London)

Rekindling the Fire of the Heart
Lothar Rapior (Frankfurt)

A Wonderful Experience of Hoshi in Misono
Roseanna Morse (Hollywood)

At the Last Stage of Cancer
Chan Lai Fong (New York)

My Experiences with Jyorei
Lori Hare (Pennsylvania)

Where I Come From
Man Bahadur Thapa (Nagoya, Japan)

A Beloved Old Seagull
Marina Tam (New York)

Spiritual Journeys:
A changing perception of Jyorei
Mary Ann Scott (Pasadena)

My Precious Experience
Tommy Tominaga (Philippines)

My Spiritual Journey
Eileen Weinsteiger (Pennsylvania)


Jyorei events schedule
For a schedual for upcoming Jyorei events Click Here.

Shumei America will be participating in Body, Mind and Spirit Expos throughout the USA by giving Jyorei to those attending these events.

If you are a Shumei member and wish to volunteer to help us at any of these events please contact us by e-mail at Info@shumei.org.

The Statesman Journal, out of Oregon had this had this to say about this past Spritual Expo event.


 The Body, Mind and Spirit Expo left many visitors relaxed and relieved Saturday after exhibitors practiced their skills on participants.
 The expo, which continues today in Cascade Hall at the Oregon State Fairgrounds, drew about 160 people who were curious to try different foods and listen to psychics, angelic readers, a palm reader and others.
  Because of a winter ice storm that blasted the Willamette Valley on Saturday morning, not all exhibitors were able to show up. Among the 27 who did, one of the more popular seemed to be Bobby Okuda, a practitioner of Jyorei.
  Jyorei is a nonreligious healing art that penetrates and dissolves the clouds that cause physical, emotional and personal dilemmas, Okuda said.
  Okuda says a person receiving Jyorei eventually experiences genuine happiness.
  Katie Gassett of Vancouver, Wash., said it made her feel light, as if there was no weight on her shoulders.
  "At one point I had to remember that I was sitting down," she said. "The negative energy was lifted."
  Gassett said she had a headache, but after the her session her pain was gone.
  "It feels like you wake up from really good night of sleep," she said.
The expo brought smiles to many people.