Shumei’s Presence on Filipino National Television.
On February 24, 2005, Sensei Eugene Imai, Director of Shumei America, and Ruby S. Orendain of the Philippines were interviewed on ANC, the national Filipino cable station. The interview was transmitted live on the network’s program STRAIGHT TALK. Video clips of Misono, Shumei’s International Center, were shown during the program. Subjects covered during the 50 minute televised discussion included Shumei’s philosophy, Natural Agriculture, and the spiritual healing powers of Jyorei. While the show was in progress over 60 phone inquiries concerning Shumei and its activities were received at the Shumei Philippines National Center in Manila. Eventually, a full transcript of this program will be available on

On February 26, two days after the interview on ANC, The Filipino National Center sponsored a seminar at a local hotel at which Sensei Eugene Imai and Filipino members spoke about Shumei and Jyorei, after which over 60 people received Jyorei. Many of the attendees asked about visiting Shumei’s Natural Agriculture farm in the Philippines and since the seminar several visitors to the Manila Center have expressed a desire to become members and practice Jyorei.


Sensei Eugene Imai (left)

and Ruby Orendain (right)

stand on either side of ANC interviewer

on the set of STRAIGHT TALK.