“Sampai” is a Japanese term meaning to perform a spiritual observance in a sacred place. This observance usually entails a ritual form that provides a sense of order and serenity.

In Shumei, a Sampai can be conducted either alone or within a group. When preformed with two or more people, sharing Jyorei becomes an integral part of this observance. A Sampai is a time of communion with the Divine. Also, it is a process of purification attained through prayer, chanting, and Jyorei. The more often one attends Sampais, the stronger are the bonds that connect him or her with God. The greater the number of people attending, the more each will be filled with Divine Light and the greater the blessings received.

Each Shumei Center has daily scheduled Sampais, usually held in the morning and evening. In addition, Monthly Sampai are held at each Center. These are large events, during which a Sensei gives Jyorei to all attending. Many Shumei members conduct smaller Sampais in their homes. These members have home altars and a Scroll of Light similar to the larger Scrolls enshrined at Shumei Centers.

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