Mokichi Okada, Shumei’s founder, also known as meishusama, was born into a life of extreme poverty and hardship in 1882. From early youth, he had a profound affinity for beauty and studied to be an artist until failing eyesight forced him to leave school. His early years were filled with sickness, disappointment, and personal tragedies. Yet, despite the odds that were set against him, he overcame adversity and became a successful businessman, poet, philosopher, art connoisseur and collector, naturalist, and spiritual leader.

  In 1926 an aspect of the Divine, known in Japan as Kannon, began to manifest itself in Mokichi Okada and two years later he left his business to devote himself entirely to spiritual pursuits. On June 15, 1931, he journeyed to Mount Nokogiri where he received a revelation of his role in the transformation of the world from darkness to Light.